Ziviltechniker Austria

Ziviltechniker have been entitled by the Austrian-Hungarian empire in 1913 to assist public administration in surveying. In Austria they are respected as persons of public reliance and have the right to establish deeds with evidential value (§292 Zivilprozessordnung – ZPO).

Both Engineering Consultants and Architects are Ziviltechniker.

Prerequisites are a relevant academic study, practical experience, an exam and an oath. The exam covers the resp. area of expertise, public administration, business administration, and code of professional conduct.

In general, engineering consultants handle planing, assessing, supervision, and fiduciary taks. Moreover they conduct measurements, draft expertises, and represent their clients before authorities.

Logo der Kammer der Ziviltechniker in Wien, Niederösterreich und Burgenland
Chartered Eng. Wolfgang Grassberger, MBA

As a Zivil­techniker I have to abide by strict confidentiality and code of conduct.

As a consultant for electrical engineering I offer my expert knowledge and practical experience in the area of machine and plant design, precisely on all their safety aspects. I am not entitled to commercial execution and therefore free from conflict of interest when representing my clients.