Ziviltechniker für Elektrotechnik

Chartered engineer WolfgangDI W. Grassberger, MBA

A-3430 Tulln an der Donau
Austria (Europe)

I offer the following consultancy services, among others. Please contact me for your special requirements.


  • FMEA for machine and plant safety
  • Cost-effective and practical machine safety concepts
  • Risk assessment
  • Required Performance Level
  • Bring protective measures to current state-of-the-art
  • Functional safety including pneumatics, hyraulics
  • Validation of performance level achieved, with SISTEMA
  • Validation of safety-relevant appliciation software by walk-through analysis and by testing
  • Training for designers, project leaders, sales staff

For Employers

  • Technical specifications for machine safety in sourcing
  • Acceptance testing of new capital equipment in relation to occupational safety
  • Checklists for manufacturing equipment
  • Validate and assess existing protective measures
  • Determine necessary improvements in regard to occupational safety
  • Re-assess risk of planned modified production procedures
  • Test functionality of safety interlocks
  • Validate interlock in gas-fuelld industrial burners
  • Laser safety officer