Atmosphère Explosiv − ATEX Maschines

Risk Analysis and Ignition Source Assessment

In designing equipement for use in explosive atmosphere, three precautionary principles must be implemented, acc. to European ATEX-Directive, with priority as follows:

  1. Replacing or reducing combustible substances;
  2. Avoiding effective sources of ignition;
  3. Mitigate consequences of an explosion.

Most equipement intended for use in explosive atmosphere must be surveilled by a notified body, e.g. one of the four TÜV organizations. I assist in creating all respective technical documentation such as:

  • Risk analysis for ATEX
  • Ignition source assessment
  • If applicable validation of ignition source monitoring

I have vast experience in design and validation of machines and plants for processing of combustible dust, volatile organic compounds or organic Peroxides. Drawing from this knowledge I diligently assist in:

  • Measures to limit or eliminiate if possible explosive atmosphere;
  • Seleting suitable electrical devices;
  • Avoiding non-electrical sources of ignition,
  • Ignition source monitoring.

To not hesitate to reach out to Engineering Consultant Wolfgang Grassberger, Zivil­techniker.